Seeing is Believing

New science-y webcomic! I’m really happy to hear that you guys really like my science-related comics, so I’ll try to create more of these in the future! They need more time to make, though, so they’re not going to come out more frequent than once every 3-4 weeks :)

P.S.: Colour isn’t the only thing about our vision that our brains meddle with and interpret subjectively. You know that blind spot we all have? The one formed at the spot our optic nerve connects to our eyes so no cones or rods could exist to collect light data? Ever wondered why we never, ever *see* our blind spots? I mean, there should be a black spot where the blind spot exists, right? Yeah, our brain automatically fills estimated data into our blind spots so our vision *appears* seamless. Our brains are the original pros at Photoshop. In fact, almost every single aspect of our vision is modified by our brains.

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The Big D is a gag-a-week webcomic drawn and created by Teo Yu Siang. The comics are about university, science, and basically everything else in life.